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Friday, 22 February 2019
Living with anxiety is organising your entire life around one person, so you do not have to go to out alone. (I'm fortunate enough to have my partner who is a manager so he can choose his own days off.)

Living with anxiety is leaving the house on your own for two minutes but running straight back home because you pushed yourself too far.

Living with anxiety is making sure that no hair is out of place, your outfit is on point and your makeup is the best to your ability whenever you go out, so that no one can judge you based on your appearance.

Living with anxiety is missing out on big events, such as gigs, parties or any type of socialising because of the fear of big crowds. Or, getting to said event but having to keep going outside for breathers or having to leave entirely because you thought you could cope.

Living with anxiety is picking the skin on your hands/fingers/face/lips until they bleed because you are feeling anxious and it is an unhealthy coping mechanism you have developed.

Living with anxiety is the constant over thinking about E V E R Y T H I N G. "Who is going to be there?" "Is there going to be a lot of people?" "Am I dressed appropriately?" "Will I have a panic attack in front of everyone? Will they judge me for it?" "What if I get too anxious to leave but struggle to stay too?"

Living with anxiety is different for everyone, what may be okay for one person may not be okay for someone else. Anxiety doesn't discriminate.

Living with anxiety, quite frankly, sucks ass.
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