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Friday, 12 April 2019
I am doing a bit of a throw back in today's post but this time with a twist! Instead of doing a "what's in my bag" post, I thought I'd do a "what's in my self care bag." A self care bag is a little bag that I keep beside my bed with a few essentials in which I can grab easily in case I am having a bad flare up.

Let's get into the bag! First up we have the Lush Sleepy Moisturiser. If I am completely honest, I'm not a mega fan of Lavender scents - but, I use this on my chest when I am struggling to sleep. Do you remember using Vick's vapour rub on your chest when you were younger? Well, I use this like that so the smell puts me to sleep. Obviously it doesn't always work, but it certainly helps!

I also keep a tub Lush Dream Cream in there. My skin gets really dry and I don't always have the energy to do a full skin care routine after a shower, so most nights I apply a little bit of this onto my arms and legs to keep my skin feeling soft.

I have a separate bag for my main medication which is also by my bed, however I keep extra pain killers in here so I always have them at hand when needed.

This one is an obvious one, I always keep a charger for my phone or iPad so I can always keep on top of my blogging and admin even if I am struggling to get out of bed.

Easy snacks are usually in my bag too, such as breakfast bars or (my personal favourite) crisps.

I like to keep a book handy too. I love to read and it can be a very welcomed distraction if I am struggling with pain.

I'm going to do a further post about this, but if I am having a flare, the last thing I want to do is a full blown skincare routine. Makeup wipes are useful to remove any makeup that I managed to put on that day or just to generally keep my skin clean.

I like to keep this little tub of Superdrug's Night Cream in there too. While I can't always do the indepth skin care like a lot of blogger do due to chronic pain, I find that keeps my skin nice and soft in the meantime. It makes me feel refreshed while it sinks in!

I keep a nail file in here too, just so I can practice a little bit of self care even if I can't really be bothered to fully paint my nails!

My hands get pretty dry because of my illness and it leaves me with awful skin so I like to attempt to keep my hands nice and smooth. I have a few hand creams which I like to alternate between, but I quite like this one I'm using currently. 

Finally, Pillow spray! Again, I really don't like lavender but I find that this helps calm me down if I am having a particularly hard time getting to sleep.

My pain fluctuates quite a lot, especially while I am in a flare so sometimes I will use these products more than others. Do you have a self care bag? Or do you like the idea of having one? 
5 comments on "WHAT IS IN MY SELF CARE BAG"
  1. Crisps are my fave too! I've been meaning to give the Lush Sleepy lotion a go

  2. I've heard so many good things about lush lavender products. I really need to pop in to my local shop and see if it can all help us all to sleep!

  3. Some really nice products here. You've reminded me how much i love pillow spray! Must get some more!

  4. I have been looking for a good pillow spray, one that I can use for the kids as well. I have always thought they were pointless but I'm hearing more about them now x

  5. I've heard of so many people using pillow sprays recently, I really need to jump on this bandwagon and try one out soon!

    Laura @