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Welcome to my blog THIS SIDE OF ME! I'm Sarah, a 24 year old southern lassie who currently resides in the (very) windy North East. As someone who has struggled with her health for her entire life, I decided to start this blog to discuss the issues that I face as a disabled person who struggles with mental health also. You may also know me as MOSHINGZOMBIES over on my fashion blog.

I am incredibly passionate about breaking down the stigma and discrimination surrounding disability and mental health issues. Because lets face it - things are getting better but there is SO much more work that needs to be done. 
Saying that, there is so much more to me than just my health problems. I am a purple haired gal, heavily tattooed, a cat mother, veggie, avid reader and heavy metal enthusiast. I am currently studying Children's Mental Health with the hopes of being able to work with children who struggle in the future. 

DISCLAIMER: Everything on this blog is my own opinion and experiences. Please do not take this as professional advice. If you do need further help, then please visit my useful contacts page. 
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